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Pullin drag tackle

Bead Box

Bead Box

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Fishin Freekz Bead Box come with 10 colors  in 2 sizes. Complete list below of some of the best fish catching colors made period ! 2 (25) packs of Bead pegs and 1 (25) packs of size 4 Whip Hook  All beads are made in the USA and hand painted in Michigan.

1-Pack of 25 Pink Bead  Pegs

1-Pack of 25 Green Bead Pegs

-Pack of 25 size 4 Whip hooks

10mm Rukus -15 beads

12mm Rukus-9 beads

10mm Fireball -15 beads

12mm Fireball- 9 beads

8mm Lemon Haze- 25 beads

10mm Lemon Haze -15 beads

10mm Killer Z -15 beads

12mm Killer Z - 9 beads

8mm Orange Crush -25 beads

10mm Orange Crush -15 beads

8mm Wonderbread -25 beads

12mm Wonderbread -9 beads

8mm OJ -25 beads

10mm OJ- 15 beads

10mm Bloody Mary -15 beads

12mm Bloody Mary -9 beads

10mm Mermaid Punch -15 beads

12mm Mermaid Punch -9 beads

10mm Dead Drifter -15 beads

12mm Dead Drifter -9 beads


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